The professionals and Cons of Touring Alone


Travelling alone isn’t fun.

I was told that the entire idea is risky, junk and a fool’s dream. In addition, I could not get lower the train and get me personally a snack or adequate water. Furthermore, I could neither care for my luggage alone nor sleep well as there is always the risk of unconscious bandits journeying by your side. Above all, I was a woman without a partner, so travelling was the stupidest factor I could think of. Check out the sologaard here, click here.

I improved my mind. In no situation was I going to threaten my life.

Another month drew itself. Stressed at the place of work and messed up in life, there is no way but to take up the chance. Nobody consented to travel in addition to me, and yet I was on the receiving end of reprimands from people, family and friends.

The day came when I, last but not least, gave in to the inner tone, packed my clothes that had been few, asked the office peasant to get me a first-class plane ticket, got my casual get away from sanctioned by my professionals, told my family and needed the rickshaw to the urban centre railway station, and disappear.

I was so overcome by a feeling of independence that I wouldn’t restrain my tears. For one time, money, home, and career did not matter. At last, I tasted absolute mobility from worries. I noticed that I was steering my life, having my own decisions and nobody in any respect was responsible for my enjoyment or sadness.

From Karachi to Lahore was a new journey of 16 a long time. I saw many views, green fields of mustard, cotton and rice approved in front of our window cups. A farmer often the land on his tractor and pulled by the pairs connected with bulls, women working with men in fields, youngsters playing nearby, rocks, properties, scenery, rivers, mountains, souterrain and cultural richness increased my excitement like a kid’s.

In Lahore, I slept with a relative busy with her routines, job and family. I designed my plans and tried my best to adhere to them. Each fallacy about lonely tourists was unfounded. I learned that every family journeying beside me went the extra mile to ensure I got the right directions and reached my destinations easily.

One week after a brief stay outside our city and away from the particular comforts of home—some return home with lots of items and souvenirs. I delivered with memories, and light-heartedness, although the light-headedness was removed. Fresh and brimming with regarding nature, I did not say to become a thing. People told me what big difference they observed in me after the return.

Money was not a hindrance in it either. Security was a matter of God’s domain name. So I was just a bystander, enjoying the wine of love, life, happiness, and the entire world celebrating my excitement together.

I believe travelling alone is as much fun as travelling with someone else. Your companion can simply fulfil your needs of organization and safety but taking pleasure in life is your cup of tea. Well, you do not have to rely on anybody or make a unique kitchen for it.

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