Malta Yacht Charter – A Yacht Owner’s Paradise


Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino boast some of the most transparent waters in the Mediterranean, making a charter escape to Malta an idyllic vacation spot for relaxing on secluded beaches or experiencing historic harbors and vibrant fortified towns alike. There’s sure to be something here to please every traveler! The actual Interesting Info about sailing charters in Malta.

Registering a yacht in Malta assures EU flag compliance and simplifies access to EU waters. Our team assists yacht owners in gathering the documents necessary for permanent registration.

1. Spectacular cruising ground

Malta’s limestone formation creates an exquisite setting for an incredible yacht charter experience, where the waters are calm and clear amidst idyllic fishing villages and ancient megalithic temples. Valletta Grand Harbour stands out as an unparalleled marvel; towering fortress walls and church spires tower above superyachts as superyachts form a forest of masts, while Valletta City Centre shows an exquisite luxury renaissance perfect for elite yacht travelers with fine restaurants, hip whisky bars, and boutique hotels lining its narrow lanes.

Your yacht can transport you on a day’s cruise to an idyllic blue lagoon whose stunningly azure waters contrast strikingly with its striking boulders or to one of Gozo’s much quieter Golden Beach or Paradise Bay, where there are no tour boats. You can also make the short hop across to Comino for Emerald Lagoon, where snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities abound, but the beach often becomes deserted once tour boats depart in the afternoon.

Utilize your yacht’s extensive collection of water toys in these inviting waters before enjoying cocktails and canapes on board while watching an idyllic crimson sunset paint an image over Malta’s rugged landscape. On your final evening of yacht charter in Malta, visit Comino Island just north of Valletta as an overnight anchorage away from crowds; its rugged cliffs fall away into crystal-clear water while sea caves glimmer ethereally blue.

2. A thriving yachting community

Malta offers yacht owners an ideal environment. It boasts robust legal frameworks and adheres to international maritime standards that prioritize safety and accountability. Furthermore, Malta boasts an established yachting community that embraces seafaring adventures. By registering your vessel under the Malta flag, you align yourself with this esteemed heritage and increase prestige and credibility worldwide.

Malta’s central location makes it easier than ever before to access principal cruising grounds across the Mediterranean, while its natural harbors and modern infrastructure meet yacht owner needs. Malta also provides exceptional services and facilities, such as Boatcare Trading Ltd’s dedicated yacht maintenance provider service, which offers peace of mind to discerning yacht owners.

Malta provides flexible ownership structures tailored to yacht owner needs. Coupled with low registration and renewal costs, this gives yacht owners access to both worlds. Furthermore, Malta’s flag has become one of the most internationally recognized symbols, and it is welcomed into marinas all around the globe.

No matter your pleasure or interest, Malta offers it all for any yachting excursion—from relaxing on its secluded beaches to exploring ancient harbors and historic sites, world-class cuisine and nightlife, and an incredible year-round climate, unclouded skies, crystal-clear waters, and rich history—making this island paradise the ultimate yachting gem!

3. Exceptional value for money

Malta provides world-class yacht registration and an abundance of benefits to both private and commercial owners. Transport Malta provides an efficient legal framework for yacht ownership. Furthermore, Malta boasts substantial yacht VAT savings as well as meager maintenance costs, making It a particularly appealing cruising destination for luxury yachts.

Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino offer crystal-clear waters, an exciting marine culture, historic landmarks, and attractions to discover, as well as relaxing beaches teeming with vibrant marine life – perfect for an Indian summer escape! Explore ancient harbors or historical sites. Feast on world-class cuisine or nightlife before retreating home where state-of-the-art marinas host some of the most luxurious yachts.

Renting a yacht in Malta with Scansail is the perfect way to discover this remarkable country, whether for romantic sunset cruises or day trips to its islands. With hundreds of boats available and our simple message feature (clicking “Message Boat Owner”), finding your ideal vessel rental shouldn’t be complex – select your boat of choice and click the blue “Message Boat Owner” button; once in touch with the owner they’ll be more than happy to answer any queries and plan an itinerary together!

4. A safe environment

Malta is world-renowned for its sparkling and safe waters, which create an idyllic backdrop for yacht charters. Additionally, Malta features world-class marinas where your luxury yacht will have ample space and protection, including Grand Harbour, which has welcomed some of the largest and most opulent vessels into these incredible waters.

The Maltese government takes an aggressive and proactive stance on maritime safety, ensuring that the islands are well-organized and regulated to provide a secure environment for visitors and yachts alike. You can be confident that your experience on board a Malta yacht will be enjoyable and memorable!

Malta boasts an exciting culture steeped in history and tradition. It offers fine cuisine alongside rustic fare, castles and museums, vibrant traditional festivals, and premium vineyards. Not to mention its idyllic beaches with crystal-clear waters, prehistoric sites, stunning limestone battlements, and premium vineyards, Malta offers an unparalleled travel experience for every type of visitor. Explore Malta on its main island or venture further afield into Gozo or Comino; both provide something different.