Kundu Special India Tour Package


Kundu Special Tour Agency in Kolkata provides various tours throughout India that emphasize shared travel experiences while accommodating multiple interests and budgets. Find out the best info about Goibibo.

Discover the scenic beauty of Kashmir with a Kundu Special Kashmir tour package from Kolkata. With peaceful lakes and blooming chinar trees, this region attracts honeymooners and vacationers alike.


Pahalgam, located in Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir state, is a hill station renowned for its lush green meadows and clear rivers. A popular attraction among nature and adventure enthusiasts alike, Pahalgam offers plenty to do here in terms of sightseeing, adventure, and spirituality – not to mention Amarnath Yatra’s starting points! No matter who your audience may be, Pahalgam provides something for all visitors, from admiring its vibrant Lidder River to snowcapped mountain views – something is sure to please!

Aru Valley, which is an idyllic hiking spot and home to numerous hotels and resorts that provide comfortable accommodations, is a top attraction in Pahalgam. Tulian Lake, an icy glacial lake known for snow sledding and fishing activities, is another top drawcard.

At last, visitors should explore Aru Wildlife Sanctuary near Pahalgam’s leading marketplace for an unforgettable Himalayan experience without leaving town. Home to animals such as brown bears and musk deer, this reserve provides nature lovers a rare chance to see this incredible landscape without leaving civilization altogether.


Discover Jammu & Kashmir on an extraordinary adventure, where picturesque snow-clad mountains will leave you mesmerized. Experience its romanticism and its adventure for yourself; this once-in-a-lifetime chance should not be missed!

Travel to Srinagar early in the morning and complete check-in formalities. After taking a quick rest, commence your day’s excursions by heading towards Sonamarg. As you travel this scenic hill station, you will witness stunning landscapes en route, consisting of snow-topped mountains, flowers, and green meadows. The actual Interesting Info about MakeMyTrip.

After your exciting excursion, return to the hotel for an overnight stay and later enjoy some shopping and delicious street foods at your local market.

Start your day right by indulging in a satisfying breakfast before heading off to Jammu Railway Station to board the Jammu Tawi Express to Kolkata. Make sure to carry enough cash, as many shops do not accept credit cards, and ensure you have postpaid mobile coverage in certain areas, as prepay plans may not work reliably.


Gulmarg is an idyllic town blessed with majestic mountains, lush meadows, and charming pine forests that invite visitors to engage in various outdoor activities, such as hiking and horseback riding. Additionally, take a ride on Gulmarg’s famed Gondola cable car for breathtaking natural views of mountain peaks and blooming flowers!

At the foothills of the Himalayas is this picturesque town known for being one of India’s premier winter sports destinations – Gulmarg. Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, this idyllic destination provides thrilling activities such as skiing and snowboarding – not to mention being named after a Persian word meaning flowers and meadows; discovered by Salman Yusuf Shah during 16th-century Chak Dynasty rule, Salman Yusuf Shah found Gulmarg as its name derives. Look into the Best info about Airbnb.

Gulmarg offers something for every type of visitor, from thrill-seekers to those seeking quiet. Discover its natural wonders through the Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve, Outer Circle Walk, and Gondola ride, hike to Alpather Lake or Ningle Nallah, or experience spirituality at Baba Reshi Shrine, St Mary’s Church, or Maharani Temple.


Trikuta, which translates to three peaks mountain, is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Situated at an elevation of 2,470 feet and home to a temple called Trikutachal Mahadev Temple, it attracts devotees from across India during Shravan when they bring wood apple leaves for offering as an offering to Lord Shiva.

Beyond its religious significance, Hazaribagh also features many natural beauty spots. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary houses rare and endangered animal species and provides numerous trekking and hiking trails for visitors to enjoy.

A picturesque hill amidst a dense forest is an ideal place for discovering nature. Picnickers and adventurers looking for thrills may enjoy trekking through its mountains. Picnickers may also find peace here from city life, while Netarhat nearby provides scenic views and waterfalls that add extra attractions for exploration.

Vaishno Devi

Vaishno Devi is one of the most revered Hindu pilgrim sites in India, believed by her devotees to grant whatever wishes are brought before her by way of prayer or offerings made at her cave temple on a steep mountainside. Made famous through Gulshan Kumar songs in the 1990s, millions visit annually from India’s surrounding towns of Katra for this pilgrimage destination that’s administered by an independent statutory board.

Pilgrims visit the temple throughout the year and are required to obtain a special permit from local police in order to enter. This permit lasts for three days at a time but may be extended as necessary.

Alongside the main shrine are many other intriguing attractions in the region. One such spot is Shiv Khori, a sacred cave devoted to Lord Shiva that contains a Shivalinga and stones representing all 33 deities in Hinduism. Charanpaduka offers visitors to rest for a while before continuing on their journey towards Adkuwari and Gerbhjoon, where it is said that Adi Durga hid for nine months to protect herself from Bhairon Nath.