How to Style a Party Wear Lehenga


At any wedding or party, choosing an appropriate attire is crucial to looking your best – one great choice would be a party wear lehenga! Choose the best designer dresses on DOORS NYC.

These lehengas combine traditional and contemporary styles into unique designs, featuring vibrant hues, intricate embroidery work, and special draping techniques.

Choose the right lehenga.

Selecting an appropriate lehenga that flatters your body type is essential when preparing for a party. Be mindful of your shape, size, and personality in choosing the ideal ensemble.

Fabric selection can make or break your look. A comfortable material allows free movement without feeling restricted, giving you maximum versatility during wear.

Lehengas can be made from various fabrics, such as silk, georgette, chiffon, and velvet – each material has different drape and weight properties.

Lehengas are an integral part of Indian culture and a popular choice for weddings and parties, though finding one to fit an event may prove challenging. Luckily, several helpful strategies will guide your selection process to find a piece that meets all of your criteria.


Accessories are an integral component of a lehenga outfit and should play an essential part. From jewelry and shoes to purses and hairpieces – accessories complete any ensemble perfectly!

Finding a balance between flashy and classic styles is critical to looking like a million bucks, such as donning a lovely handcuff. It makes a statement and will ensure you stand out in any crowd!

An elegant potli bag or an embroidered box clutch is essential, holding everything you need, such as your wallet, tissue paper, makeup, and phone, while keeping you organized.

At the same time, designer wedding party wear shoes are an elegant yet comfortable addition to your ensemble. Wear them with any lehenga you choose!


Hair styling is essential when wearing a party wear lehenga because the garment is an expensive investment piece that must be styled appropriately for any special event.

Certain styles work with any lehenga, while there are also more unique choices you could try. One such unique option would be this voluminous side braid, which looks fabulous with your floral outfit.

Another excellent option is this elegant swirling open knot style, which looks lovely with a tiara or a hairband. Perfect for any formal or informal event!

Women currently prefer this unique and stylish hairstyle, giving a classic yet edgy look. Perfect for all kinds of events and an excellent choice for women who prefer shorter lock lengths.


For a compelling party-wear lehenga look, the right makeup is essential to complete your bridal ensemble. Additionally, its color should complement your outfit to ensure seamlessness between regard and makeup application.

As such, you can achieve a stunning and sophisticated appearance for your big day. However, before choosing one makeup look over another, experiment on multiple occasions until finding what works for you.

If you are wearing a red lehenga, opt for red eye makeup that complements its color and jewelry. Or experiment with soft glam shades like pink to complete an overall sheen effect.

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