Famous Restaurants in Barcelona


Popular restaurants in Barcelona serve traditional Catalan dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From an omelet with chorizo and aioli to sherried-marinated clams with Iberian ham, discover a truly culinary experience! Have the Best information about todos los restaurantes en barcelona.


Markets aren’t only for shopping; they’re also where locals gather to eat! Enjoy an exceptional dining experience at Direkte Boqueria, where their dishes feature ingredients sourced directly from the market next door.

La Taverna del Clinic


Since opening their back-alley restaurant in 2006, Manuel “Manu” Simoes and Toni Simoes’ Simoes Brothers restaurant has quickly become one of Barcelona’s premier eateries. A combination of bar and high-end eatery, it has received one star in the Repsol guide since 2014. Prioritizing quality ingredients over decorative flair distinguishes this venue; nevertheless, you will still find plenty of fine dining touches here.


La Taverna serves delicious and expertly prepared cuisine, from sardines with salsa verde to an octopus igloo, perfect for all palates. Don’t miss their perfect patatas bravas; creamy morels with foie and the stewed oxtail in Priorat wine are also exceptional dishes to try!


Toni’s passion for classic French cuisine shines through his dishes. For an unforgettable dining experience, try ordering his Gran Menu, which features three aperitivos and eight courses—an absolute must for foodies visiting Barcelona! His restaurant can comfortably seat groups of all sizes while boasting an incredible wine selection and being conveniently situated right in its bustling center.



This cozy eatery, led by two former El Bulli chefs, provides an exceptional fine-dining experience that blends creativity with tradition. Their menu offers reimagined classics as well as innovative Spanish meat and fish dishes, along with an impressive wine list. Enjoy their balanced tasting menu, which pairs well.


Maleducat has quickly become a local favorite in Barceloneta. Their menu specializes in small bites and plates made for sharing, such as raw squid salad and cured tuna with tomato sorbet. Their modern yet cozy atmosphere offers fresh seafood dishes in addition to innovative innovations.


Casa Delfin’s Lebanese owner makes it no surprise that this restaurant combines Lebanese techniques and ingredients with Catalan flavors. This creates an exquisite dining space filled with plant life that makes an ideal setting for romantic dates. Enjoy dishes like smoked labneh on pita bread or Iberian pork cheek served over French Toast!


Cucina Hermanos Torres stands out as an extraordinary dining destination and has earned itself a Michelin star. Its innovative dishes highlight seasonal ingredients while regularly surprising diners with creative tapas and inventive seafood selections, all perfectly complementing its extensive list of wines.

Casa Delfin


Casa Delfin, one of Barcelona’s more intimate restaurants, provides the ideal setting to experience delicious cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Their extensive menu has something to please every diner’s palette!


With a longstanding reputation for pairing creative flair with traditional cuisine, this restaurant will not disappoint. Nestled in the center of town, this must-visit establishment serves an ever-evolving menu depending on seasonal ingredients—some highlights are smoked salmon tartare, shrimp cocktail, and pork chop stuffed with foie gras!


This famous restaurant in Barcelona serves a menu full of both traditional and innovative dishes to delight both you and your dinner guests. Plus, wine is served here, too, making this spot the perfect spot for romantic nights out in the city! Established for over 100 years and popular among locals for its outstanding customer service and delicious cuisine – not too costly either – making this an excellent dining experience that you will not forget in a hurry.



Barcelona is well known for its diverse dining scene and offers many restaurants to suit any taste – from street food on narrow side roads to Michelin-starred eateries with breathtaking views and interior design features. There’s always something new and different in Barcelona when it comes to culinary treats; you may discover everything from traditional Catalan cuisine to fusion fare!


Martinez, a three-star restaurant run by chef Martin Berasategui in Barcelona’s Monument Hotel, stands out as one of the finest places to dine in Barcelona. Its delicious dishes, such as apple millefeuille with foie gras and European eel, and unique aesthetic design make for an incredible dining experience!


Alkimia translates to “alchemy.” Their menu offers traditional and experimental dishes, as well as tasting menus with wine pairings. Foodies should not miss a visit here!



With a name like Espai Sucre (pronounced sha-shee), one might expect that this quirky Barcelona restaurant would be out-of-the-ordinary. By day, its minimalist dining room serves as a pastry school where chefs learn how to compose and execute desserts, but come nightfall, it transforms into an eatery serving only postres – sweet or savory dishes served at tables of 12 for dinner service.


At this bustling local spot, owner-chef Jordi Vila provides Catalonia’s finest ingredients with an innovative spin. His menu features plenty of seafood dishes like confit leeks with hazelnut vinaigrette, mato cheese, and cod tripe, as well as an irresistibly crunchy spring roll of hare royale with chocolate sauce – among many others!


At this award-winning three-star Michelin restaurant, chef Jordi Vila showcases the best of Catalan cuisine – from its signature langoustine carpaccio dish to its succulent bonito tuna and simple Mediterranean red prawns, you will find something to satisfy every palette at this upscale spot. El Bulli was his mentor, and this dish pays homage to it – but that doesn’t stop him from experimenting and creating unique recipes such as his famed langoustine carpaccio dishes like his legendary eatery’s signature langoustine carpaccio dish which stand alone among many Catalan cuisine restaurants!