Multitool With Blade Attachment


Utilizing a multitool equipped with a blade attachment can save time and effort when cutting tiles by hand or flush cutting baseboard or wall surfaces. The Interesting Info about pocket knife manufacturers.

Survivalists seeking bushcraft models will find models designed with them in mind that include a signal whistle and fire starter, along with other features like a corkscrew and can opener.


Multitools can be an indispensable addition to home and construction sites, providing versatility through their wide variety of attachments that enable them to handle tasks as varied as sanding, cutting, polishing, and sawing.

Start right when selecting a multitool by selecting appropriate blades, such as plunge-cutting blades designed to penetrate materials away from edges. They are especially beneficial when installing electrical sockets or worktop sections for hand basins.

Tile and metal cutting blades are also popular, providing clean cuts on hard materials like tiles, drywall, and metal. These typically feature bi-metal or tungsten carbide-tipped formats with longer lives than standard steel blades.


As their name implies, screwdrivers are multitool components that tighten or loosen screws. Made from various materials (such as stainless steel), these devices come in multiple sizes to meet different needs.

Some multitools provide a set of bit drivers to fit the most commonly used screwdriver sizes, while others feature one or more specialized bits more appropriate for specific jobs. These may be located on the multitool shaft itself.

Multitool handles may feature impact-resistant inserts to absorb and dissipate impact forces and protect the stored shaft and driver bits from penetrating the handle when struck, such as with a hammer. Furthermore, handles may be molded or machined from thermoplastic rubber materials for improved grip.


Pliers are often included as part of multitools to allow users to grip objects like nails, pipes, or wires securely. Pliers might feature serrated jaws or grooved sections for absorbing various object sizes – the combination (lineman) plier being an example that features insulated handles to ensure safety around live electrical wires.

Locking pliers are perfect for tasks that require constant, firm pressure. Their unique thumbscrew locks the jaws in place and can be released by pressing down on a small handle beneath their grip – often used for splicing and cutting metal wires; some include replaceable wire cutters to cut OK telephone or 12-gauge copper wire easily, more rigid steel baling wire and rigid rubber tubing; some can even crimp or snip rubber tubing!


You must make cuts when building a rustic bench, altering an interior door frame, or installing new flooring. A multitool with a saw will come in handy in these scenarios.

Most models feature blades designed to cut wood, plastic, metal triangular sanding pads, and removal blades that reach into hard-to-reach places. Some even offer bi-metal blades tailored for pipes or rigid materials like cement.

An oscillating multi-tool can cut and sand surfaces that would be difficult to access with traditional rotary tools by rapidly moving its head or blade back and forth. If you regularly undertake DIY projects, an oscillating multi-tool should be your go-to choice, as its many attachments cover most tasks efficiently without slipping or folding over. When extended, its tools lock securely into place while opening quickly without any unwanted slipping or folding around.


Leatherman has long offered applicable bit kits as add-ons for their multi-tools, but until now, none have functioned effectively as replacements. Their new Curl solves that issue with its integrated ratchet driver that snaps onto the flat bit driver of any multi-tool and features three double-sided flathead screwdriver bits, two Phillips screwdrivers, four torx bits, and one Pozidriv tool.

This small, lightweight multitool from Trek was designed to integrate cleanly into compatible road frames. Featuring hex tools between 2-8mm in its 2-8mm hex tool range and an easy access bracket holder, the device and its holder snap together for storage on or off the bike – as well as being light and compact enough to fit in a jersey pocket or riding tool wrap easily – and comes complete with its plastic sheath for safekeeping – proudly made in the US!

Wire Cutters

Some multitools boast the unique capability of cutting wire, which can help snip off bolt heads or slice through thick chains and leads attached to electrical components.

Most multitools contain pliers that can cut soft copper and aluminum wire, while some models also include tools capable of stripping its insulation. This feature reduces the risk of cutting live conductors and is essential in some industries, including power utilities and electrical contractors.

Some pliers can also be extended so their jaws can be butted against an object to crimp it, known as flush cutting, for a cleaner and more professional result. Some even cut tempered steel like 2 mm piano wire, although this requires special tools and should generally only be done using specialist tools. Furthermore, some models come equipped with insulated handles specifically for electrical work.

Bit Drivers

Driver bits are designed with hex socket screws, the most frequently found on bikes. They transfer torque from tools directly onto the screw and reduce installer fatigue by transmitting torque from one source.

Multi-tools with standard bitholders tend to be most helpful in this respect. A bit holder stores and holds all the tools required for jobs like tightening and loosening hex screws.

Inspired by bikepacker tactics and tools, there is now an increasing variety of tools designed to fit into the tiny spaces on a frame while staying put using magnetic bit holders. One such multitool, Industry Nine Matchstix Multitool, stores many tools in an unused 15mm thru-axle hollow space near it – such as bit driver tool and quick chainlink spare sets – freeing up space on board for food, water, and other essentials.


Tweezers are tools used for pulling out hairs and manipulating small objects. They typically consist of two strips of metal or plastic joined at one end to form one flexible tool, available in many shapes and sizes.

Stainless steel tweezers are the preferred material as they are both rust-proof and hypoallergenic, making cleaning them easier while lasting longer than plastic versions.

The ideal tweezers feature superior calibrated tension, meaning their arms close evenly and firmly enough to grab tiny hairs without breaking them. Furthermore, their hand-filed tips are incredibly smooth and precise to help access and remove those difficult-to-find hairs – something every first aid kit should include a pair of quality tweezers with. Some even feature slanted tips designed to remove splinters!

Bottle Openers

These tools, often found in bar environments, feature a tooth or lip to catch the underside of the cap and a fulcrum through which force can be exerted, forcing it off so you can enjoy your beer.

Some bottle openers can be mounted to walls to make opening bottles easier for partygoers and prevent accidental knockover. This one features an additional heavy-duty magnet underneath its metal opener that collects caps for convenient disposal.

Another variation, the ring opener, is worn like a ring so servers can continue serving drinks without returning to the bar for additional tools. It also serves as a soda can tab opener – making this an ideal present for your favorite suds-loving friend; plus, it wipes clean easily for quick cleanup! This tool is made of stainless steel.


When someone mentions multitool, an image of a rectangular piece of metal probably comes to mind. But this key-shaped multitool offers multiple functions in a compact, travel-friendly package.

This slim, compact tool looks and functions like an ordinary key and easily fits on most key rings. Packed with tools ranging from knife blade to bit driver and can opener, nail file, and box cutter features, this compact device makes an excellent addition to your essential collection.

This slim pocket multitool is an essential travel companion, ideal for opening boxes or tightening bolts away from home. Equipped with a hex wrench set and screwdriver tip to handle everyday tasks while on the road, its tools fold out like real screwdrivers to provide maximum torque output; plus, it features a key ring hole to attach to backpacks or bags conveniently.

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