How Much Does Driveway Paving Cost?


Homeowners have many choices available when it comes to paving their driveway. Options range from concrete, gravel, and even pavers, which mimic stone or brick in appearance. Best way to find the Asphalt companies Corpus Christi.

Asphalt is generally less costly than concrete, and homeowners can save money by selecting porous asphalt, which allows water to drain away without pooling in gutters or on lawns.

Cost of Materials

Costing of materials used to prepare a driveway depends on various factors. Asphalt is a petroleum product, so prices can fluctuate; for a two-car driveway, on average, homeowners can expect to spend between $3 to $5 per square foot in materials; also, take into account local building permits and drainage regulations when planning this expense.

Some of the most popular driveway materials include concrete, gravel, asphalt, and brick pavers. Each material offers different advantages; however, concrete tends to be more costly. A concrete driveway may even last 20 years while increasing home values significantly.

As part of your cost of materials calculation for your driveway, it is essential to take the size and type of asphalt into account. Selecting recycled or reclaimed asphalt could save money, while stamped or colored varieties could increase costs significantly.

As part of your total cost calculation for your paving project, it is also crucial to factor in labor costs. Homeowners should research local companies and compare quotes before making their final choice. Homeowners should avoid contractors that charge upfront fees or try to pressure them into making an immediate decision without providing written estimates beforehand. Furthermore, before beginning work, it is wise to contact your utility company for information regarding underground electric wires and plumbing before commencing any work.

Cost of Installation

Installing an asphalt driveway typically costs $7 to $13 per square foot, including labor. This price covers materials and permits as necessary – an average two-car driveway covers about 640 square feet.

Before installing a driveway, the ground must first be leveled and prepared – this involves clearing away trees and shrubs, grading the slope, filling in holes or low spots, and leveling or grading as required. On average, it costs $5 to $8 per square foot to perform this service.

A typical driveway is constructed of hot mix asphalt, which typically costs $100-200 per ton in most areas and usually comes at the standard price range of $100 to $200 per ton. You could save money by choosing reclaimed asphalt instead, as this material has already been recycled once. Reclaimed asphalt often costs less than new asphalt. Colored asphalt provides an eye-catching surface while increasing total project costs; typically colored with pigments, this type of asphalt adds between $12 and $17 per square foot.

Your driveway must be sealed regularly to protect itself against environmental damage and extend its lifespan. Driveway sealing typically costs $0.68-2.10 per square foot and should be performed every three to five years; prior to this service, you may also require pressure washing your driveway and pressure washing it yourself if desired. It is wiser to hire professional assistance as doing it yourself can lead to expensive and time-consuming problems that require costly and complex solutions.

Cost of Resurfacing

Asphalt contractors charge different rates depending on the size and condition of your driveway. Cracked surfaces or surface damage repair costs also factor into this total price; in case your driveway is in deplorable shape, more extensive measures such as resurfacing or replacement may be required.

A typical asphalt driveway without dramatic leveling or grading costs approximately $7 to $13 per square foot for materials and labor, including excavation, compacting the subgrade, and installation of a gravel base. Labor rates will typically increase if your driveway features curves; recycled asphalt can save money.

Resurfacing existing concrete or asphalt driveways at a lower cost than removing and replacing them is possible with certain paving companies. A resurfacing job involves clearing away loose debris and fixing any potholes before applying 1-2 inches of new hot mix asphalt, which will be rolled smooth before being rolled back over for rolling smoothness.

Reclaimed asphalt can help lower costs by finding a reputable contractor and selecting recycled material from previous projects. Reclaimed material tends to deteriorate more rapidly than new material and will need frequent repairs; for an alternative option that reduces runoff more effectively while draining efficiently, consider porous pavement, which allows water to drain without runoff, although this option requires an additional layer of crushed stone underneath and costs more. Re-sealing will extend its life.

Cost of Repairs

Resurfacing a driveway typically costs less than installing an entirely new one, although repair costs will depend on its level of damage. Cracked and potholed areas tend to be easier to address than more extensive surface damage that requires complete repaving of materials already present on the surface.

Gravel is usually the least costly option, yet its loose particles may track onto pavement surfaces and create erosion and flooding issues in future years. Concrete offers more durability yet is subject to cracking issues, while pavers provide customization options such as color selection and smoother ride quality.

Labor and machinery expenses are the most significant cost in any paving project, particularly those using poured materials such as asphalt. The paving requires special machinery to prepare the site and run, as well as large trucks to transport any leftover or demolished asphalt away. Since homeowners may find it challenging to acquire and operate such equipment on their own, professional contractors often offer the best solution.

Various factors impact the cost of driveway paving projects, including location, size, and material selection. Working with an experienced paving contractor will allow you to estimate costs associated with your specific project and contact top-rated professionals near you for free, no-commitment estimates of their services for your particular job. Whether installing asphalt or concrete driveways – finding an experienced paving contractor can save time and money by getting work completed quickly and professionally.

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