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Asphalt pavement material is highly durable and flexible enough to support the weight of vehicles, making it suitable for both residential and commercial paving applications, including parking lots and driveways. The best way to find Asphalt companies is in Irvine.

Professional paving companies can assist businesses and communities alike with creating beautiful roadways. From installation services to ongoing maintenance programs, professional paving firms provide new roadway paving as well as maintenance solutions.


Advanced Asphalt Paving offers residential and commercial asphalt paving services with expert expertise at competitive rates, in addition to concrete repairs, drainage solutions, and more. Their experienced staff is on hand to help select the best option that meets both your needs and budget.

Jeff began his paving company by piling his family into a mini-van and driving around with stacks of flyers to spread awareness. By working harder than expected to promote their services, driveway and residential jobs began coming their way more frequently.

Asphalt pavements are versatile and long-term durable materials ideal for commercial and residential pavement applications, especially commercial parking lots. Flexible enough to withstand vehicle weight, asphalt can last for over 30 years when maintained properly, and upkeep costs should not be an issue.

Advanced Asphalt Paving Inc. has an outstanding record of paying its employees, with no reported liens filed against the company. However, this figure does not take into account bonuses or overtime pay. Furthermore, contractors typically negotiate their pay rates.


As with Dave, sometimes following in one’s family profession isn’t so straightforward. When it came to the asphalt pavement maintenance business, his journey wasn’t exactly conventional.

Loading up his minivan with advertising flyers, he would drive around town handing them out at mailboxes and car windshields – his hard work paid off as Advanced Asphalt began receiving residential and driveway projects, earning a solid reputation for quality and integrity in their market.

Today, APS stands as one of the nation’s premier pavement preservation specialty construction companies with crews and equipment throughout the U.S. Their work spans from repairing roads and parking lots to small residential or commercial driveways, from their skilled crews working on repair jobs all across Northern California; their equipment makes them the ideal choice for any project they take on; asphalt’s durability will protect investments for years.

Customer Service

Advanced Asphalt Paving of Ohio offers full-service paving to both businesses and institutions alike in Twinsburg. Their services range from asphalt resurfacing, repairs, and maintenance; crack filling, seal coating, and line stripe installation; storm drain repair to concrete repair, as well as new installations of both asphalt and concrete surfaces.

As an owner-operated company with over 30 years of experience, they have built an excellent reputation by offering top-quality work and exceptional customer service. Free estimates and all work guaranteed come standard as do senior and church discounts.

As soon as they were given my business, they came quickly with a quote, and I always recommend having everything put into writing. Once work started, they did an excellent job cleaning up after themselves before galloping off into the sunset at day’s end. Unfortunately, when finishing up, they ran out of asphalt, which prevented them from finishing my second walkway as promised in their initial quote; my 78-year-old landlady reminded them it was her responsibility to finish off this project, and they promised they’d come back when more asphalt arrived.


Safety standards of your workplace have a direct effect on both the quality of work and overall customer experience. In asphalt paving, numerous potential hazards must be managed, such as asphalt being heated to high temperatures that could potentially cause skin burns upon direct contact, which is why workers must wear thermally insulated gloves and coveralls; asphalt fumes or particulates can also irritate eyes, so having access to an eyewash station is also essential.

At Asphalt Paving Services Ltd., we understand the various compaction methods used for asphalt paving projects are essential for success. Static rollers are great for initial and final compaction, while vibratory rollers help achieve density and smoothness during intermediate compaction phases. Furthermore, employees should feel at ease operating heavy machinery such as pavers and rollers so our employers can gauge their ability to use it safely and efficiently, ultimately affecting our service delivery quality.

NIOSH would like to thank the National Asphalt Pavement Association, Asphalt Institute, Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America, and the International Union of Operating Engineers for their contributions in creating these guidelines. Furthermore, five asphalt paver manufacturers (Blaw-Knox, Barber-Greene/Caterpillar, Cedarapids Roadtec Caterpillar) who supplied machines for prototype engineering control evaluations need special recognition for providing prototype engineering control evaluation machines.