How can I uninstall Antivirus 360? Guide to Uninstall Antivirus 360


Do you routinely get a flood of fake security warnings claiming various threats have been detected on your computer? Do you frequently encounter Pop-Ups advising you to download Antivirus 360 to safeguard your computer from malware? If you have Antivirus 360 installed on your machine, both problems point to a Vundo Trojan Virus infection, and I’m afraid you’re in deep trouble. Antivirus 360 is a fake security product designed to steal your personal information and scam you out of money. Antivirus 360 is one of the most difficult forms of malware currently available, so if you have it installed on your computer, you should uninstall it immediately. If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I remove Antivirus 360 from my computer?” the answer is simple: all you need is the correct Antivirus 360 removal tool.

If you haven’t guessed before, Antivirus 360 is the newest iteration of the notorious rogue spyware antivirus from 2008 and 2009; it’s only changed its moniker for stealthier operation this time. The name is confusingly similar to that of a legal anti-virus product by Symantec called Norton 360, but don’t get the two mixed up!

Antivirus 360 is a program that infiltrates users’ computers through video codecs with the Vundo Trojan, Zlob, or other malware installed. Downloading infected files from torrent sites or P2P networks (Limewire, Bearshare, etc.) is another common way to pick up a virus.

After installation, the program constantly warns that your computer is infected with viruses and at risk of system failure, even though these threats do not exist. Antivirus360 then promotes itself as a powerful application that can repair all these issues when you receive these alerts, and of course, you have to pay for it (this is how they make money). The scans it performs on your computer will falsely flag genuine Windows software and programs as infected, and removing them to “fix the error” may render Windows useless. Antivirus360 is a parasite that can severely impact your computer’s performance, your ability to connect to the internet, the safety of your personal information (such as passwords and credit card numbers), and even its ability to function as a whole. To eliminate Antivirus 360 and stop any more issues, you should run a scan with a reliable spyware removal program.

There are manual deletion ways for the Antivirus 360 application, but they are not as successful as a legitimate Antivirus 360 removal tool in entirely eradicating the malware. Using the Windows registry (only suggested for advanced computer users) and locating all the files individually to remove them is a time-consuming and potentially disastrous endeavor, as any files deleted cannot be recovered. Furthermore, eliminating the malware by hand won’t safeguard your machine from future infections.

However, here are the three things you need to do if you insist on erasing the software by hand:

First, terminate all Antivirus 360 running processes.

Step 2: Delete all Antivirus 360-related files and folders and any DLL files they may have referenced.

Third, delete any references to Antivirus 360 from the Windows Registry.

Searching Google for “how to remove Antivirus 360 manually” will provide many results that will walk you through each step.

In conclusion, I recommend installing a high-quality anti-spyware program and scanning your complete system for any Antivirus 360 infections is your best bet for removal. While not necessarily fruitless, manual attempts to uninstall Antivirus 360 may not be as thorough or effective as an automatic uninstall. To sum up, if you were wondering, “How do I remove Antivirus 360 off my computer?” and you aren’t familiar with all the files and registry entries used by the rogue anti-spyware, then you should buy a good antivirus 360 removal program and forget about manual deletion methods. It’s the only surefire approach to getting rid of the infection and ensuring your machine stays virus-free.

Don’t freak out if you discover the Antivirus 360 Vundo Trojan has infiltrated your system. You may quickly and easily uninstall Antivirus 360 and other fake security software using the correct removal tools. The Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus Software is the best spyware removal solution, as chosen by the editors of PC Magazine. It eliminates Trojans, spyware, adware, malware, browser hijackers, and the Spybot virus. In addition, you can get a free scan and download from them.

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