Here Are the Top Ten Bathroom Staging Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home


One of the most important aspects of home staging is the bathroom. Like bedrooms, bathrooms have evolved into more than their names imply, serving as retreats for pampering and relaxation that channel the luxury and style of five-star hotels.

However, similar to kitchens, they are considered costly spaces to remodel or redesign. Suppose prospective buyers don’t like the bathrooms. In that case, they may decide not to make an offer at all or reduce their offer by a significant amount to account for the estimated cost of renovating the bathrooms. This is why the bathroom needs special care when you put your property up for sale.

To help you sell your home, I’ve compiled my “Top Tips” for bathroom staging.

First, make sure everything is spotless.

Nobody enjoys the thought of playing in someone else’s mud. When we go to the bathroom, we take off our armor. Cleaning your home from top to bottom is an essential part of the home staging process. Tiles should be scrubbed clean, and blinds and shower curtains should be washed or replaced. After you’re done cleaning, clean it again and maintain that cleanliness.

Towels, Mats, and Cushions for the Bathroom!

Carpets are comfortable to walk on, but they also retain water and smells. If you’re selling your home, you should replace them with tiles, bathroom-grade wood laminate, or high-quality lino. Those mats around the base of the toilet or sink look antiquated, and gross things have probably been splattered on them over the years. This is precisely what everyone watching is thinking.

Don’t use Loo Seat Cosys, the floppy toilet seat covers are attached to the bowl’s top.

Open Up The Blinds

To maximize the natural light entering your bathroom, clean the window, remove any nets (unless the glass is transparent), and raise the blind or draw back the curtains. Use a frosting film or paint to conceal the window while still letting in as much light as possible if privacy is a concern.

Remove All Distractions

With all the different kinds of cosmetics and hygiene products available today, bathrooms can resemble mini-museums. It’s essential to wipe down every part of your hygiene goods before selling them. If you leave personal belongings out, potential buyers will focus on them rather than the place itself. Keep in mind that “Too Much Information” is never helpful.

Five, Tile and Grout

Scrub the tiles thoroughly to remove any grease and filth if they are in good condition and the appropriate color. Grout pens and bleach (while wearing protective goggles and gloves) can be used to restore the original white color of grout that is otherwise in good shape but has become discolored. Paying a tiler to regrout broken and dislodged grout will restore the tiles’ original beauty.

Consider tiling over them (suitable tiles make a fantastic surface to re-tile onto) or painting them with a unique tile paint if they are outdated.

6. Odors of Mold, Mildew, and Must

Nothing could be worse than entering a restroom that contains any of the three. If the home has even the slightest hint of mustiness, mold on the ceiling, or mildew on the bath mat or shower curtain, you can kiss the sale goodbye. Repair (with mold-resistant paint) and repaint (after ensuring the vent is clear, the extractor fan is working, and the leak is fixed) if mold is present.

Bathmats, worn flannels, mildewy shower curtains, face cloths, moist mops, cleaning supplies, and so on should all be thrown out and replaced. Mustiness ought to be outlawed. Ventilate the space and avoid drying wet towels or other things on the heating vents.

The Shower: Faucets, Heads, and Hoses 7

These tend to multiply and become unsightly. Bring back the luster to chrome or metal with a good descaler. Detach shower heads and hoses from their connections, descale, and clean them to restore their pristine appearance. If you want to get into the tiny crevices, use an old toothbrush. If a fixture can’t be washed (maybe the metal has worn away), it should be replaced with brand-new hardware.

Eighth, a variety of do-it-yourself tasks.

Don’t forget to fix the torn shower curtain, faulty light fixture, sagging towel rack, bare shelves, etc. Potential buyers will take hundreds of dollars off the asking price if they notice DIY work that isn’t finished.

9. Appealing Extras and Aromas

Use the hopes and dreams of your target market to sell more. Once you’ve put away your regular cleaning supplies, it’s time to treat yourself to some fragrant candles, natural bath oils, and scented soaps that will leave your home smelling fresh without being overpowering. Get a set of towels that all coordinate with your decor. Towels for everyday use should be kept nearby, but the show towels should be shown just when the company is over.

Plants are a great way to brighten up and soften up a bathroom. Find some plants that will thrive in your bathroom and purchase them. While palms are an excellent choice for larger bathrooms, ‘Ivys’ and ‘Peace In The Home’ may suit those with less space. No matter the plant, keeping it in pristine shape is essential.

Ten. Maintain Order and Neatness

When trying to sell your home, every room must be kept in its “show” condition. This can be incredibly challenging in the bathroom when you’re a resident.

A basic wicker basket for each family member is a good investment. Don’t bring these baskets into the bathroom unless you use the sink. Please put them in a drawer or the closet. Towels for everyday use are the same.

Last Words

Insist that everyone in the house does their part to maintain the bathroom tidy and presentable for showings. The prospect of using a restroom that nobody else has ever used is very appealing to purchasers. Do whatever it takes to make the restroom you have a look “As Good As New,” even if it isn’t brand new.

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