Celebrity Bodyguards


Celebrities often employ bodyguards to safeguard them against potential risks like stalkers. These individuals must be capable of assessing risks and devising solutions to minimize or mitigate them. Discover the best info about celebrity bodyguards Sydney.

These strategies could involve scouting venues in advance and familiarizing oneself with their layout or employing steel barriers to corral fans and paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Celebrities like Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie hire bodyguards to protect them from various elements that might pose threats, including paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers, ex-partners, or anyone trying to ruin their lives. Bodyguards must also deal with bar or restaurant owners, agents, personal assistants, attorneys, producers, and bar owners or restaurant managers and managers themselves!

Fernando Flores, the former bodyguard to Toxic hitmaker Ariana Grande, claimed she received a mixture of powerful prescription medications weekly and had to contact him several times daily to leave her house. Flores believes removing her from conservatorship could harm her mental health.

Celebrity bodyguards must be very vigilant and plan every move of their clients carefully, including turning on the car 10 minutes early so they can open the door as soon as they arrive at their client’s residences. Security must also be strictly enforced – for instance, turning it on 10 minutes before arrival is standard practice for these services.

Jennifer Lawrence

High-profile celebrities, such as actors, singers, and athletes, often use bodyguards to guard them against threats, such as paparazzi photographers, psychotic fans, stalkers, or former partners.

Greg Lenz has been providing protection services to Jennifer Lawrence since 2013. Recently she was seen gallivanting around Tribeca with Greg close behind, holding onto their tiny Chihuahua.

Lenz has gained his fan base thanks to his bulging biceps and unwavering commitment to protecting actress Meg Kalaydjian. His training in Systema and Krav Maga also makes him an effective force. Kalaydjian even called Lenz the best in the business!

Kim Kardashian

Not everyone may realize it, but celebrity bodyguards don’t all come from military or law enforcement backgrounds. Instead, these professionals are trained to be close protection specialists who provide protection and companionship to high-profile clients such as celebrities, corporate executives, or political office holders.

Pascal Duvier, the German bodyguard entrusted with protecting Kim Kardashian-West during her Paris robbery, is not your typical celebrity bodyguard. A passionate Judo enthusiast and fitness buff, Pascal regularly tweets inspirational messages and life musings.

He’s a father of two and an avid follower of KUWTK, yet he is no stranger to controversy. Most recently, his attempt at concealing a photo taken during their ride at Disneyland went viral – in doing so, they attempted to avoid being identified in unflattering photos seen by park-goers and get around being identified in unfavorable images that may otherwise become public knowledge.

Kylie Jenner

One of the costs of fame is having a bodyguard or team around you at all times in public spaces, which is why celebrities hire multiple bodyguards to shield them from paparazzi, psychotic fans, and stalkers.

Tim Chung has been Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard since 2016; fans were stunned after one TikTok user posted video footage showing Tim with Kylie and Stormi at Disneyland.

Internet memes featuring Chung and Stormi emerged quickly, and speculation that Chung might be Stormi’s father began. Chung directly addressed these claims – even so, people remain obsessed with him!

Tom Cruise

Though Tom Cruise performs many of his stunts on screen, that doesn’t preclude him from employing a real-life bodyguard to protect him from paparazzi and fans who want to harass him. Tom has an entire team of bodyguards to assist him.

Bella Hadid reigns supreme in fashion, yet her bodyguard resembles Jason Statham in size and strength. Although their services have come under criticism when pushing paparazzi too aggressively, that should come as no surprise from professionals paid to ensure the safety of their clientele.

Tom Cruise of Top Gun fame possesses his security team but recently needed other heavies while filming Mission Impossible in the UK. This was due to receiving death threats from an angry former employee.

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