What’s the Distinction Between Social Media and Regular Old SEO?


Many business owners are unsure about what constitutes generic backlink building, what constitutes a genuine social marketing campaign for their business websites, and, more importantly, what the goal of each marketing strategy is. How do I find the right best smm panel?

Naturally, various SEO and web marketing firms will use multiple approaches to advertise a website, and often, you get what you pay for. Although there will inevitably be some overlap in campaign plans, the specifics of which could be debated for months, this article aims to illustrate the main distinctions and objectives between the various types of campaigns rather than to prescribe what each sort of campaign should include.

Advertising on Search Engines, in General

The goal of any generic SEM strategy should be to boost your site’s link profile and authority in the eyes of search engines by generating relevant and focused anchor text backlinks to specific pages on your website.

This effort is directed at increasing your site’s visibility in search engine results for the keywords you care about most.

Article marketing, content distribution, and directory submissions are standard low-quality or inexpensive link-building services. However, most expert SEO practitioners are likely to disregard directory submissions because the quality of these connections could be better at best and sometimes doubtful at worst.

Social websites, which include blogs, other Web 2.0 properties, and even low-quality social bookmarking sites, can be used by even the most basic and inexpensive link-building services. Unfortunately, this also includes spamming discussion boards with links.

Although the quality of budget link-building services varies widely, it’s important to remember that they are still instrumental and may be all needed to rank a site well in many circumstances, especially in less competitive or restricted niches.

Campaigns for Social Marketing

Although there is some overlap between social marketing and traditional SEO strategies, it’s essential to remember that the two are fundamentally different. A genuine social marketing campaign is centered on meeting the intended market where they live and generating leads and brand exposure.

However, a social marketing campaign is generally regarded as much further up the evolutionary tree of link building. While it will still develop and reward you with good-quality backlinks to your site, social marketing campaigns are typically of much higher quality in their makeup and can require significant planning and preparation.

Web 2.0 properties, business networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc., supplementary websites, and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, and Del.icio.us are often used in social marketing campaigns.

The goal of any social marketing strategy should be to increase brand or business awareness in a specific market where the items or services you provide are in demand (or at least have the potential to be in order).

The goal is to become recognized as an expert in your field, a go-to person or advisor, or a corporation that can assist others in resolving pressing difficulties or concerns in their businesses.

Challenges posed by online marketing

While the benefits of a social media marketing plan cannot be denied, some drawbacks should be avoided at all costs.

One major drawback of social media marketing is the continuous effort required to build a company’s profile across many platforms.

Creating useful/helpful relevant content for general publication, for posting on your site as quality information pages or blog posts, or as donated content for other complimentary sites that are not in direct competition with your own is a vital part of this type of campaign, which also involves ongoing social networking and subtle promotion of a business or brand.

For instance, you can establish yourself as an authority in your target market by contributing helpful information (rather than just links) to relevant online forums; however, if these profiles aren’t regularly updated or maintained, your online reputation will quickly fade.

Even though this can be outsourced (often at considerable cost), typically, this is done in-house by either the business owner or the marketing person primarily because the business has the internal product or service expertise to maintain a long-term focus and generate quality content, and because the owner or marketer has a vested interest in seeing the campaign succeed.

What Makes Sense for Your Company?

Most SEO experts won’t launch a web marketing campaign without consulting with the business or conducting a competitive market analysis because the best or proper technique will differ significantly depending on the industry.

A generic link-building strategy may be all you can afford if time and money are not assets. Still, if you are in a competitive industry and serious about your online business, it makes no sense to estimate your needs.

You should bite the bullet and hire an SEO expert, even just for some initial advice, because it will likely help your business immensely.

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