Top 5 NYC Boba Tea Houses


Boba tea houses are popular venues where customers can buy the renowned drink featuring chewy tapioca pearls. Some also serve slushies and other fruit-based beverages. Get the Best information about Beary Boba tea cafe.

The Alley is an exciting boba shop near Washington Square Park that is modern yet unique with its minimalist interior design and large deer head logo, making it an excellent spot to visit.

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Mudflow Tea House

Even though this shop doesn’t specialize in bubble tea specifically, they make for one of the most exciting additions to NYC’s boba scene. Their exquisite taro milk tea boasts perfectly formed bobs that add an explosion of flavor with every sip!

This store in Manhattan is the first of its kind, combining sneakers and boba in one storefront. Here, traditional Chinese tea, fruit slushies, as well as specialty bubble teas made with fresh juices such as Pacific Lemonade or Shattered Mango can all be found.

Established in 2018, this Brooklyn-based bubble tea chain is a favorite among locals. Their distinctive name derives from the “mudflow” of syrup that flows out of their brown sugar milk series drinks when turned upside down; additionally, they make rich and creamy cheese rose milk tea that serves as dessert in a cup and offers plant-based milk options, too!


New York City’s boba tea scene continues to flourish, with new mom-and-pop shops popping up regularly to meet demand. No matter your taste – traditional or more inventive toppings – there is sure to be an ideal shop nearby!

Taiwanese beverages such as this traditional milk tea blend combine several varieties of teas with chewy tapioca balls or grass jelly for an aromatic treat that’s known for its sweet and chewy textures, providing low-calorie solutions if you want to lose weight. The drinks have no weight-related side effects as well.

This family-owned business opened its first location in Manhattan in 2021, providing a wide variety of bubble milk teas. Signature drinks include honey amber oolong milk tea, taro latte, and strawberry four seasons milk tea, as well as its specialties; Yum Yum features chewy red bean or mango jelly along with coconut boba tea for dessert and has cookies and cheesecake available as snacks!

Machi Machi

Machi Machi, an award-winning milk tea brand from Taiwan, recently opened its first US location in New York City. At this shop, visitors can select fresh milk tea offerings such as jasmine and oolong varieties and fruit infusions, along with portable bottles featuring panna cotta or creme brulee toppings for on-the-go consumption.

This store’s decor is super Instagrammable and adorable, with pastel hues and its distinctive pooch logo. No wonder its popularity skyrocketed when Mando-pop star Jay Chou gave their endorsement.

Cheese topping adds airy and airy flavor, creating a light yet slightly savory experience with each sip of your drink. Add chewy taro balls for even greater satisfaction. Want to skip the queues? Order online in advance, and the store will prepare your drink for pickup, making this service ideal for busy individuals looking for quick bubble tea fixes without leaving their homes or offices!

Biao Sugar

This famous NYC spot was the first boba and sneaker shop to combine streetwear with tea for an engaging atmosphere. Their new menu offers fruity and bubble milk tea options like the Pacific Lemonade (butterfly pea flower tea with lemonade) and Shattered Mango (mango jelly with popping boba and dairy). Seasonal beverages such as Pumpkin Boba Milk, Chrysanthemum Tea with Honey Jelly, or Colorful Pastels of Paradise Cloud featuring strawberry, taro, and lychee soft ice cream are offered seasonally.

This global boba chain is well-known for using only high-grade ingredients, but their signature feature may be their drinks being delivered via the mouth of a gold tiger! They offer a selection of tea from around the world, such as their popular Thai Red Tea Frapputeano and coconut strawberry boba; customers can speed up their orders by pre-ordering online.

Pearl Dynasty

Pearl Dynastea is a go-to spot for lovers of bubble tea. Offering a selection of drinks, snacks, and desserts – such as its famous Ube Milk Tea with Taro – plus unique glasses suitable for Instagram photos, such as Earl Grey “Floatea,” this shop provides something deliciously enjoyable!

Even though its interiors may not be as modern as some other NYC boba tea shops, its menu remains large enough to appeal to a broad audience. Situated near Manhattan College for ease of accessibility after classes have finished. “I love that it’s close by!” exclaims freshman communications major Sterling Grant.

At Chinatown’s heart lies this boba tea house – the first franchise of an ever-expanding Taiwanese chain. Enjoy their signature brown sugar boba made with tapioca, brown sugar syrup, and milk! Plus, there is upstairs seating, making this cozy venue the ideal spot for enjoying drinks!

Gong Cha

Gong Cha tea was founded in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and is known internationally for its quality beverages. Their triumphant entrance into the US market demonstrates the value of building brand awareness, customizing your approach according to local preferences, and optimizing supply chains.

Gong Cha, one of the premier bubble tea franchises, recently opened its newest location in Runnemede, NJ, at Clements Bridge Rd (at Oakland Road). We offer fresh and healthy beverages with flavors such as grass jelly, pudding, or tapioca pearls to choose from.

All Gong Cha teas come directly from Taiwan in order to maintain the highest standards, with all tea freshly brewed every four hours and offering both sweet and savory varieties such as milk foam. With locations in New York City, New Jersey, Texas, and Massachusetts, it’s easy to locate Gong Cha.

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Shiny Tea

Boba Guys was one of the pioneers who revolutionized America’s perception of this popular beverage, renowned for their high standards in ingredients and beautifully layered drinks, such as their famous Strawberry Matcha Latte made with Oat Milk, Fresh Strawberries, and Premium Grade Matcha Powder.

Boba originated in Taiwan but quickly spread across New York City, from Asian neighborhoods to student hangouts and hipster enclaves. International chains have recently set up shop here as demand surged.

Xing Fu Tang, established in the East Village in October 2021, is known for its seasonal offerings and brown sugar boba. Take advantage of their pumpkin boba milk in the fall or their chrysanthemum tea with honey jelly in spring! In addition to iced and hot teas, this shop also provides slushies and smoothies!

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