The 15 Best Add-ons for Google Chrome You Should Get Today


Google Chrome has more than a billion monthly active users. It has a larger market share than any other browser ever. Unfortunately, many Chrome users are still clueless about the existence of extensions. Google Chrome extensions are tiny programs that add functionality to the browser. These add-ons are simple to set up and even simpler to utilize.

Going to the Chrome Web Store is the first step in adding an extension to Google Chrome. You can then look for an extension you’re interested in downloading. When you find it, select it and then select the “Add extension” button. Select the extension’s icon to the right of the address bar to activate it.

You can improve your daily life with the help of Google Chrome Extensions in countless ways. An extension can facilitate efficient time management, list-making, and internet usage monitoring. You can use them for note-taking or referencing. They can help you minimize your tabs and reduce the load on your computer’s processing when several tabs are open simultaneously.

Chrome extensions can improve the browser’s performance and aesthetics. Some add-ons can play background noise to help you study or unwind, play videos in full screen, or enlarge images just by hovering the mouse over them. If you want to get the most out of Google Chrome, it’s best to consider your needs and wants before visiting the Chrome Web Store. To help you out, we have produced a list of this year’s top 15 Google Chrome extensions, all of which are available for immediate download.

Top 15 Chrome Add-ons for 2017

Number One: Offline Access to Gmail

This add-on does exactly what its name implies; it lets you see your inbox without an internet connection and even compose and schedule a message to be sent when you reconnect. Given that more than a billion people worldwide use Gmail, it’s not hard to see why this add-on has become so widespread.

Force of Motion

Momentum is an extension for Google Chrome that replaces the “new tab” page with a customizable dashboard. The time, a custom message, motivational quotations, the day’s forecast, a list of tasks, and your most visited sites are just some of the features that can be found on the new tab page.

Three, Ultidash

Ultidash is like Momentum, but it’s designed specifically for web developers. It makes the browser’s new tab page a hub for getting things done. You can use a “concentration timer” to help you focus, see how much time you spend on a specific page, and even block distracting websites. Visually appealing photographs, forecasts, and motivational quotes are also included in the add-on.

4. Any. do

This add-on serves as a helpful to-do list for all you busy people. It can work with your desktop and other programs to help you efficiently manage your to-do list. A simple drag-and-drop interface lets you quickly and easily create new to-do lists, reminders, notes, and shared activities.

5. Restricted Processes

Do you have difficulty limiting your time on Facebook, Reddit, and Tumblr? An add-on called Strict Workflow can help you control how much time you squander online. It starts a timer for 25 minutes, during which common distractions, like YouTube, Facebook, etc., are unavailable. After the initial 25 minutes, you’ll have 5 minutes to spare before the clock starts over. This add-on is a fantastic tool for making oneself get things done!

A6. Noisli

This one-of-a-kind add-on provides soothing background sounds. You get to pick from a variety of different background noises. Some are more conducive to focused attention, while others are more conducive to unwinding. One method to get the most out of Google Chrome is to experiment with different background noise levels until you find what works best for you.

7 – OneTab

If you have trouble keeping track of your browser tabs, you should get the OneTab extension immediately. With this add-on, all of your tabs will be merged into one. This will allow you to make more room in your browser while maintaining previously closed tabs in a readily accessible location.

Eighth, The Ultimate Suspender

You should get The Great Suspender if you’re going to get OneTab. Having many open tabs might severely slow down your computer. The Great Suspender add-on minimizes the strain on your computer’s resources caused by multiple open tabs. This will extend the amount of time that your gadget works reliably.

9 Reference This: Web Citer

Another app that needs no explanation but is indispensable for students. This program makes creating citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard simple and copying them to the clipboard for future use.

Ten. Do Not Leave Any Lights On

This add-on will make movies appear darker in your browser. This makes watching videos more relaxing for the eyes while also adding to the overall atmosphere. If you use this on a mobile device, it will also help preserve battery life.

Streaming Video 11.

VideoStream is a free application that lets you stream videos from your computer, tablet, or mobile device to a Chromecast or Android TV. Subtitles are supported, and the maximum resolution for a video stream is 1080p.

Camelizers, number 12.

The Camelizers is a lightweight Chrome add-on that records your prices at various online stores. Signing up for price notifications is an additional feature.

13. Honey

Honey is yet another fantastic add-on for your web store. Honey is a service that will look for and apply discount codes at checkout. Before you complete your purchase, click the “Find Savings” link.

Added AdBlock 14

Are you sick of annoying advertisements interrupting your time online? AdBlock Plus will block all of these ads. This no-cost add-on eliminates annoying pop-ups, sidebar advertisements, and pre-rolls on YouTube.

Hover Zoom, No. 15

When you move your mouse over an image, this add-on will magnify it. There will be no need to switch between tabs or click on thumbnails any longer. Those who have trouble seeing clearly should do this.

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