Story of Anupama


Story of Anupama is an engaging tale about a Gujarati housewife who dares to break free of traditional family values to pursue her dreams and follow her passions. The show explores themes related to self-love, family relationships, and empowerment. The Amazing fact about Anupama Written Update.

Malvika fired Vanraj, Kavya, and Paritosh for unprofessional behavior and convinced Samar and Anuj to marry into the Shah House despite Nandini’s objections.


Anupama is a selfless homemaker who dedicates her entire existence to caring for her family, including raising her four children and husband. However, she resents how her children and husband often take her for granted and desires her own identity – so she decides to pursue her passion for dance by opening up a dance academy despite Leela, Vanraj, Paritosh, and Pakhi’s disapproval – although Maya reveals she is Anupama’s biological daughter!

On her 25th Wedding Anniversary, Anupama discovers that Vanraj Shah had been having an extramarital affair with Kavya Gandhi for many years. Although warned by Devika and Kavya’s husband about this fact, Vanraj continues to deny his guilt despite repeated warnings by both Devika and Samar (Kavya’s husband). Kavya attempts to humiliate Anupama and turn her family against her but fails miserably as eventually, Paritosh marries Kinjal while Samar reunites with Nandini (an event called by Kavya).

Anuj Kapadia returns to India from America as a successful businessman and impresses Anupama, reluctantly agreeing to work with him while becoming her one-sided college crush. Later he proposes marriage, but she turns him down; during an argument. Anuj collapses from injuries sustained during an argument; she calls him back out and tells him she loves him so that they may make amends as quickly as possible; after this occurs, they move in together, much to Anupama’s dismay, and moves in with her family, much to her displeasure.


Rupali Ganguly has received much acclaim for her portrayal of Anupama on this show, and it has proven both commercial and critical success, garnering several awards and nominations along the way as well as garnering accolades for depicting women’s struggles in patriarchal societies.

Anupama, a Gujarati homemaker, devotes herself to her children, husband, and in-laws with loving devotion, yet feels taken for granted by them, especially her husband, Vanraj. However, in an unexpected twist of events in an earlier episode, she discovers that Paritosh, one of her brothers-in-law, was involved in an evil sex scandal!

She attempts to prevent him from harming anyone, but all her efforts are unsuccessful. He attempts to intimidate her by asking for money; she refuses to provide further funds after giving some for blouse stitching purposes and says no more will be given out.

Baa informs Anupama in the latest episode that she is in danger. He informs her that Kavya has been caught having an affair with another man and threatens to take Summer away. Anupama is distraught over this news but assures Summer that she loves him unconditionally; further disillusioning is learning Vanraj has been having an affair with Kavya for eight years!


Anupama was a visual treat in its most recent episode. Anupama took her family by surprise on Valentine’s Day with an unexpected Valentine’s Day surprise, dancing passionately and proclaiming her feelings for Anuj in front of everyone, shocking them all. At the same time, Anuj stood firm to defend his love.

Malvika manages to overcome her trauma thanks to Anupama’s emotional support, while Samar and Nandini are embroiled in an explosive argument due to Vanraj’s interference. After clearing up any miscommunications between them, Nandini returns home while Samar promises she will take care of all their responsibilities.

On Anupama’s forty-fifth birthday celebration, Kinjal announced her pregnancy to everyone present, and everyone was delighted, but Paritosh attempted to downplay its significance which angered everyone in the house. Samar pledges her responsibility while Anupama plans to open a new academy for young boys and girls.

Anupama and her family become concerned when Little Anu does not come home on time, prompting them to rush into her bedroom for answers. There they find her sleeping with pictures of Maaya while murmuring her name during sleep. Anupama hugs Anuj tightly as tears fall from her eyes. She asks Maaya for forgiveness for getting angry with her, promises never to leave Anuj again, and continues defending their family while teaching children the value of money.


Since its debut, Star Plus show The Homemaker of Gujarati Origin (THIO) has garnered much acclaim from audiences. It centers on the daily lives of two Gujarati homemakers who dedicate themselves as mothers and wives. Through exploring themes related to self-discovery, family relationships, selflessness, and challenging societal expectations, THIIO presents viewers with a poignant portrait.

Rupali Ganguly stars as Anupama, an outspoken woman unafraid of standing up for herself and fighting for what is right. Anupama works hard to provide for her family while serving as an example to their children; unfortunately, her hub takes advantage of Anupama – indulging in an affair with one of his colleagues!

This series features an exciting drama and romance plotline. However, its ratings have fluctuated – once becoming one of the highest-rated shows, but now experiencing a decline. Gaurav Khanna, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Paras Kalnawat all play leading roles.

Anupama is an Indian TV show not to miss! An engaging and captivating tale that will keep viewers riveted for long. Anupama will encourage them to defy societal expectations while entertaining them. Catch new episodes Monday-Friday at 10 pm on Hotstar!

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