How to Get Yourself Motivated.


Some folks have an abundance of drive, and they keep accomplishing extraordinary things. If you’re giving them the side eye because you want to do something but aren’t motivated to do it, read on. You might find this to be the most useful invention since the wheel. Getting out of bed is a herculean effort, and you feel sick and tired of yourself for not doing anything, but you wish you had the motivation of an energizer bunny. What I’m about to tell you is good. Even if you’re paralyzed, you shouldn’t give up hope, no matter how bad things get. You can overcome your lack of interest. Think about what is already going well before you try to force yourself to get out of bed. To yourself, you owe gratitude for the air you breathe, the comfort of your bed, the ability to think, and the beating of your heart that keeps you alive. You understand what I mean. I’m sure you can think of more, so if you can, please do.

When you finally drag yourself out of bed, congratulate and thank yourself for making an effort. If you can, say “I love you” aloud as you pat your shoulder the next time you look in the mirror. You deserve a medal if you can do it while still maintaining a beaming smile. If that’s too much, try picturing yourself as a naive kid. Try hugging yourself or placing your arms around your shoulders if that helps. If a hug makes you feel nice, don’t let go of that sensation. It’s OK to show emotion (by laughing, sobbing, or petting), but you can’t do anything that would make someone uncomfortable. Self-affirmations like “I know it’s hard to get motivated, and maybe nobody’s ever told me anything good, but I will be my best friend and treat myself with the highest love and respect possible” are helpful now. No one, not even myself, can stop me from doing everything I set my mind to within reason.

When you’re done, pat yourself on the back for being such a good person. Having a glass of water to aid digestion first thing in the morning while preparing breakfast is a great way to start the day. Focus entirely on eating and enjoying the meal you are consuming. Try it like never before, and you’ll be glad you did. Please do your best to chew it. The next step is simple: complete a minor obligation you’ve been putting off. Make sure it doesn’t set off any powerful emotions in you. Instead of a strong wind, it should be more like a gentle breeze. Remember the pledge you made to yourself to treat yourself with love and respect and to not stand in the way of your progress if you find yourself resisting. Take on the significant tasks after you’ve developed the habit of doing the little ones daily. Have a party every time you accomplish anything. Give yourself a pat on the back, take note of your accomplishments, and celebrate your successes. Like anything else, it just takes practice to get better at it. Motivate yourself to succeed by giving yourself nice things.

Some pointers to keep in mind as you set out:

Build a treasury box, No. 1. A shoebox-sized box in your favorite motif can do the trick. You can save your most prized possessions here, such as greeting cards, works of art, publications, keepsakes, jewelry, photographs, letters, and other souvenirs. If you don’t have anything, go outside and look for something interesting, be it a rock, a feather, a stone, a leaf, a flower, or anything else.

Create a tally of your accomplishments. Get some paper, or better yet, a notebook with a pretty cover, and start writing. You can talk about anything, from when you were a kid to today. Here are a few instances if you still don’t think anything is noteworthy: I graduated elementary school, I took care of my sick mother, I excelled in x, y, and z, I did my laundry even though I didn’t want to, I donated money to a worthy cause, etc. Anything and anything you can imagine. File the list away somewhere safe. If you’re having a bad day, pull out your list of accomplishments, give yourself a big bear embrace, and do something that makes you happy. The act of perusing your valuables is also recommended.

Spend time in the fresh air. Getting some exercise and breathing in some fresh air might make you feel better overall, so it’s a win-win. You can improve your sleep quality by spending 20-30 minutes outside during the day, even if the sun isn’t out.

Fourth, appreciate the lovely things around you. If the outdoor setting isn’t particularly appealing, try focusing on something else, such as a flower, a rock, a bug, the pattern in a puddle, a bird in flight, the clouds passing overhead, or the contours of nearby buildings. Give it your undivided attention and look for specifics. Please take it in, and let it permeate your every cell and organ.

5. Let go of any negative emotions. Write about your negative feelings—sadness, anger, discouragement, disappointment, or anything else—as if you were sharing them with a close friend who truly cared about and loved you. If reading it aloud improves the situation, by all means, do it, but then get rid of it. Several Suggestions: Whether you choose to shred it and flush it down the toilet, bury it in the garden, cast it into a body of water like a river or lake, or burn it (safely), remember that you’re releasing that negative energy and passing the responsibility for it on to the Creator, Mother Earth, God.

Soak up some rays. 6. Cover up if you get chilly quickly or if the sun bothers your skin, but if it’s warm enough, go shirtless if you have a private location to do so. Open yourself up to the sun’s rays. Imagine the warmth as a healing light that will free you from your problems once you feel it. Visualize taking a deep breath of the healing energy and feeling it wash away negativity.

7. Relax. Please list activities you enjoy and do a little of them daily; listen to soothing music; view uplifting movies; relax. Here’s a list of suggestions for good music that I enjoy listening to and sharing: Musicians like Kitaro, John Sokoloff, Jean Michel Jarre, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Jesse Cook, Kenny G, James Last, and many more are included in this category. If you’re interested, here’s a video I put together: Observing the Sun

Even if it’s difficult at first, with practice, you can learn to find the good, the beautiful, and the positive in every situation. I hope you resolve to take the baby steps necessary to achieve your goals. Be patient and kind to yourself and others, enjoy minor victories, and push yourself to do new things daily. If you reward yourself for even the most minor accomplishments, you can go from a slow walker to a runner to a possible champion.

Teri Petz works as a videographer in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She’s also interested in alternative medicine, wellness, and social justice. She grew up in a little town on the banks of the Danube in rural Hungary, not far from the diverse city of Mohacs. From an early age, she was exposed to other cultures. Childhood experiences shaped who she became as an adult. She appreciated nature and the diversity of cultures she encountered even as a young child. As an adult, she was driven by a burning curiosity about other cultures, healing practices, and global variety. One of her goals, “Building Bridges between Cultures through Multimedia,” summarizes what she does best.

Here you can view some of her past work.

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