Here’s How I Completely and Permanently Ruined WordPress.


I was filming a tutorial about setting up a WordPress site from scratch. To demonstrate, I was using my account to set up WordPress on one of my domains. After finishing the video, I felt proud of the final product.

When I went to my primary domain to submit the video, I was shocked to see the WordPress installation wizard rather than my site. I called Bluehost (the best hosting company) in a panic, believing they could reverse the damage I had done to my site.

Those dreaded words, “I am very sorry, ma’am, but there are no backups to roll your site back to,” finally came true. There’s no way to get your old data back.

I was taken aback because I had always thought that my site was being automatically backed up. Just how did this occur? I was advised by tech support that my account size had long since surpassed 2 GB and that automatic site backups would no longer be provided once this limit was reached. Having the sites (automatically) backed up is, in fact, highly unlikely.

What do I know now that might be helpful to you in the future as a host?

If your entire account (not just your website) exceeds 2 GB in size, automated backups will no longer be performed. You may manually back it up on your hosting or use a plugin to automate the process.
There is no notification system to let you know when you are getting near or have already over the 2 GB threshold. If you’re worried about approaching the 2 GB limit, you may always log into your C-Panel (the hosting control panel) and check the file space and consumption.
I strongly advise you to create backups of your site on your own.
Bluehost’s tutorials are excellent and will show you every step of the way. The most comprehensive resources can be found at
That PARKED domains point to your primary website. Whatever changes you make to a parked domain will also propagate to the primary domain. (Recall that I foolishly set up WordPress on a domain I had no plans to use. It was a parked domain.
You should familiarize yourself with every facet of your hosting environment. Bluehost provides a user-friendly and intuitive application called C-Panel to help you manage your hosting, websites, and account. Learn as much as you can about your Hosting provider.

If you can, share your work on several platforms. Did you know, for instance, that you can make the best sales page ever with Twitwall? Also, video-sharing platforms like YouTube are available for use. Try to think outside the box and monitor your finances regularly.

Why does your site require more than 2 GB of storage?
Your account size is considered, not just the most prominent site you have hosted.
Multiple hosted websites will increase the total size.
Too many video and audio files, extra templates, unused plugins, and files.
The folders in your file system. Remove the file from your directory if you no longer need it.

Make a copy of your site (or sites) immediately. Never make any presumptions.
And I still think Bluehost is the best web server out there.

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