Hall Interior Design


A hall is one of the most significant rooms in any home and should reflect who you are. Therefore, its design must capture this aspect and give visitors an unforgettable experience. Guide on interior film wrap.

As you decorate a hall, you must consider Vaastu principles when decorating it. Doing so can create an environment that promotes positivity and boosts spirits.

Wall colours

When designing the interior of a hall, selecting soothing colors is crucial to creating an enjoyable environment that you look forward to entering after a long day at work. Likewise, wall color selection can help create a relaxing atmosphere, making coming home a pleasant experience.

Blue and green colors have long been known to bring a sense of calm into a room as they represent water and earth elements. You can incorporate either shade as part of your wall color scheme or use them as accent pieces.

Yellow is an energy-boosting hue that symbolizes positivity and joy, making it the perfect accent wall color or choice when selecting furniture with this bold shade of yellow.

Grey may appear subdued, but it can add depth and texture to your hall with the right combination. Even dark colors, such as red brick, work well.

Eggshell finishes are popular for modern hall interiors, as they pair beautifully with minimalist furniture and accessories. In addition, an eggshell finish provides durability as it’s easy to maintain; eggshell paints also work great in high-traffic areas.


Lighting can make any space feel bigger and cozier. Home halls are no exception. However, with careful planning and budgeting, your front hall can become an inviting and functional space worthy of the A+ design firm. Natural light may be ideal, but pendant lights and table lamps can still add glow during darker evenings. The key to an excellently lit hallway is planning its lighting strategy from top to bottom. We would be more than happy to share our expertise in a free consultation!


Hallways make great places for mirrors to stand out and reflect light, creating wider sightlines and making any space seem larger and brighter.

Wall mirrors add visual interest and personality to your hallway, drawing the eye and attention to yourself as the decorator. Selecting mirrors based on their color, shape, size, or other properties will help show off your sense of style in decor.

Full-length mirrors can easily capture the eye and give a constant feeling. Or you could opt for smaller mirrors to create a gallery that makes an impressive statement.

Pair a floor-length mirror with an antique white frame to create an inviting farmhouse-style hall for maximum effect. This piece from Modern Farmhouse provides just that laid-back atmosphere you want.

For a striking wall display, irregular-shaped mirrors layered one upon another can create an eye-catching gallery of decorative mirrors. This can help you utilize complex wall space in your hallway by using color.

As your hallway is the first place guests encounter when entering your home, it must be decorated beautifully.

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